About Nica

Dancing has always been one of my love languages, a way I could move through the world with joy and freedom. All human beings were born to speak the language of movement and Nia is truly, the most gorgeous dialect. The first time I walked into a Nia class I felt so free, safe, beautiful, strong, graceful, sexy, powerful, ethereal, I could go on and on. As a plus size woman my whole life, these were alien notions to me. 

Nia teaches me to focus on what I sense in my body, not what I see or what I think I’m supposed to do. I learned to fall in love with my self, with the way I move in each and every moment, with the deepest and inner most intimate parts of myself. I teach this artform because I want to spread that sense of self-love to my fellow brothers and sisters on this planet. You will feel welcome and free to be unapologetically YOU in my class; you can laugh, sweat, play like a child, fall in love with yourself, all while fostering a community of love and dance. Lets share the joy of movement together.